You don't know me

27/10/2012 05:20

There's that guy?
That guy from that alliance. That's him!
Over there?
Where's over there ffs, I can't see you pointing ya twerp!
Which ways North?
That way?
ffs man, look, he's right in front of you!
I'm not with you yet dude.
Where are you?
I'm here.
Where's here?
At the station, I just undocked.
Which one?
The one you came from.
I logged in here.
Which way did you come from to get there?
I don't know. Top station I think.
Top station? Which gate?
I came in from Jita side, you know.
No I don't know.
Anyway, he's not here anymore.
That guy from the alliance that I said.
Where did he go?
That guy from the alliance that you said.
I don't know.
Which direction did you say he went in?
That way.
Which way?
I don't know! Same place you are?
I didn't see him come past me.
Which station you undock from?
This one.
Which one?
The same one you came from. Top station?
ffs, I logged in here man!
Ah yea right. You said that. I'm almost there.
So where'd you get these new ships?
lolz. I scammed some guy in Jita. Got mine for like, 450m and yours for about 200. fully fitted!
Only needed your PLEX and my cash, yeah, it was a good buy.
Awesome. Betcha he was angry you scammed him?
Actually, no, he was pretty good about. Asked where we going and stuff.
Yeah. These things already have tank fitted, everything. great bargain.
Yeah, means we can carry lots.....
HEY. He's back!
That guy! Agghhh... He's shooting at me.
What do you mean shooting?
Box thingy on him just went yellow!
That's not shooting, he's just checking you out. Probably a pirate or something.
You sure?
Yeah, I am, he's doing it me now. Nothing to worry about. He can't kill us. We're in highsec.
Highsec? What does that mean?
Like, high security space. Concord will protect us. That's why I said we should come here yesterday.
Yeah. We're safe. I can't figure out what all the fuss is about. Did you read the forums?
Yeah..... Dude. DUDE!! Whole heap, no.. about 6 of them just flew in!
Yeah, I see them. That's a blob. Probably coming to say hello.
This doesn't look good.
Stop worrying. We're in highsec.
NO NO NO. I've got red box thingy on me. NO NO NO.
Dude, relax... O.. sh8tm im gedding shpt at
AHHH. wtf!! dude, i'm dead!
so am i man. how?!
Must be hackz. We're not in zero null sector. You said we'd be safe!
We're sposed to be dude! See all the Concord? Said they'd be here. they must be like brokn?
awww dammit. dammit. that's veerything i own.
Ahh.. It's OK man, we'll partition CCP and get our ships back. It's a bug or hackz.
You sure??
Yeah man. I've been playing for like 8 months now. It's not that hard.
Not like WOW?
Nah man. Much easier.
I dont believe this man!! how can they just do that?!? damn hackz.
Yeah. lolz. Anyway, see you dude. I'm going to dock up and do some recruiting for the guild.
K dude. So we'll get our new ships tomorrow and come back?
Yeah man. Catcha...



Fleet. Listen up. 1 Mack, 1 Covetor. Warp on my go...
Roger that.
FC. Lot of chatter in local.
Guys, stop using local!
Roger that FC but it's it's not our guys.
FC, almost on grid.
.....clear comms.....
Squad One and Two, take the Mack by the GSC. Three, take the Covetor.
And..... lock.... and ready...ready.... FIRE!
lolz BOOM
Good job guys. Get back to station.
Roger that. Where to now FC?
Clone or grab something and free fly back to VFK. Don't forget 16:00 form up for CTA.
Suweet... FC, where we going?
Boss wants us up north.
Again? Betcha those guys are pissed.
Who, NC.?
No, those miners.
Nah. They're bots. They ALL are.
OK, standown guys. See you all at 16:00.
Yeah man. Catcha...